Relationships between people, especially romantic relationships, have a very complex structure. These relationships, which contain various variables, also vary according to personality traits. In our study, it is aimed to determine the relationship between romantic jealousy, mate retetion and self-confidence.

Looking at the studies on jealousy, it is seen that they were not on the agenda until the mid-1990s. Afterwards, many different variables related to jealousy and jealousy were studied (Hart & Legerstee, 2013).

Romantic jealousy develops from human likeness and correctly as a concept (Clanton, 1996). When the person showing signs of romantic jealousy loses control over his partner, he may exhibit various pathological reflections. This can go as far as killing the person (Muzinie et al., 2003).

The concept of romantic jealousy is described as a complex situation according to some experts. Romantic jealousy is a set of threatening thoughts, actions, and feelings. In a relationship, it has a content that threatens self-esteem. An imaginary rival is often mentioned among partners (White, 1981).

When jealousy is classified according to DSM-5 (The American Association Psychiatric, 2013):

  • Obsessive jealousy,
  • The type of jealousy in delusional disorder come to the fore.